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Trader Joe’s Cauliflower Crust Garlic Pizza

Finding vegan pizza can be a challenge. This is my go-to for a garlicky, cheesy, nutrient-filled pizza that you can make at home! Ingredients: 1 cauliflower crust (I used the Trader Joe’s Brand) 3 tbsp Trader Joe’s Garlic Spread Dip 5 – 6 oz vegan colby jack cheese blend (I used Violife) 1 handful arugulaContinue reading “Trader Joe’s Cauliflower Crust Garlic Pizza”

Sesame + Sunflower Seed Coated Tofu (hormone friendly!!)

I’ll be the first to admit, cooking tofu can be boring. Tofu has a bad reputation in the protein world, especially among meat eaters. It gets labeled as “flavorless” and “spongy”, two words I used to describe it as as well. However, as I progressed into my vegan lifestyle, I knew tofu would become aContinue reading “Sesame + Sunflower Seed Coated Tofu (hormone friendly!!)”

Vegan Thanksgiving Necessities (easy!!)

Thanksgiving can be rough for vegans/plant-based consumers. Most of the foods served during the holiday season revolve around meat (turkey) and dairy (green bean casserole, pie with whipped cream, mashed potatoes with milk and butter etc.) This year, I had the luxury of having three Thanksgiving dinners, so I decided it was time I perfectedContinue reading “Vegan Thanksgiving Necessities (easy!!)”

Tortellini Soup w/ Vegan Sausage (and homemade croutons!)

To kick off 2022, the weather gods decided to give Colorado a huge snow storm. This made going out to celebrate the new year less enticing, and it made staying in and cooking a comfort meal that much more exciting. As someone who loves soup, I figured a hot bowl of tortellini soup would hitContinue reading “Tortellini Soup w/ Vegan Sausage (and homemade croutons!)”

Veggie Enchiladas

Enchiladas are one of my favorite dishes to make – they’re beyond easy, nearly impossible to mess up, and packed with flavor. Growing up, I loved a cheesy enchilada topped with a heaping mount of sour cream. Now that I am vegan (and more aware of my food choices), I wanted to take a differentContinue reading “Veggie Enchiladas”

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